Chocolate & Beetroot Loaf

A few of my favourite things; eating, eating free food, eavesdropping. It’s all 3 of these which led me to acquire a bar of bloomed Loving Earth, Coconut Mylk Chocolate, for free.

I was at the Loving Earth stand at the Vegan Life Live festival in Alexandra Palace, working my way through each sample, of every flavour, when I began listening to the 2 assistants discuss ways of reducing waste. Discretion is not really my strong point so I piped up, joined in, talking about food waste and eating foods which would otherwise be binned. The lovely Janet then offered me a free bar of bloomed chocolate explaining that changes in the fat and sugar crystals, can cause a whitish coating on the chocolate, reducing its shelf life. That also explains the colour of the chocolate I brought in Accra market a couple of years back and ate all the same!

Bloomed chocolate is still safe to eat but Janet suggested that I use it in cooking. Having had a bag load of beetroot from Andy’s allotment I thought it the perfect opportunity to bake a chocolate beetroot cake!

I looked up a couple of different recipes as guides and then turned to my cupboards to see what I had. I finished off a bag of yellow sticker bread flour, topping it up with pea protein powder that I collected for free using food sharing app Olio. The baking powder, bicarbonate soda, Aunt Jemima butter flavour, granulated sugar also came from Olio, as did the cocoa powder and icing sugar which I used for the frosting. I added balsamic vinegar which was a free sample from Vegan Life. The own brand vegetable oil that I used was full price. I dressed the loaf with defrosted, yellow sticker, mixed fruits.

It was delicious, the chunks of beetroot and chocolate really topping it off, and the whole loaf worked out at roughly 52p! Conversation, Chocolate and Cake; how Blooming Brilliant!

Not sponsored by Olio, Loving Earth or Vegan Life Live.

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